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Risky Wira Saputra

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Hi, my name is I Putu Risky Wira Saputra, usually called by Risky, I am a Frontend Developer from Bali, Indonesia. I have been experienced working with teams to produce applications that meet user requirement and design standards. In the development stage, I usually use the React.js ecosystem to build website based application products. I have over 3+ years of experience in the IT industry and always aim to meet the highest standards for web design, user experience and best practices.

Tech Stack.

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Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

RSU Negara Hospital

Web base application as whose main task is used for manage patient information, such as medical record, diagnosis, laboratory results, and treatment. Also the application can manage doctor's practice schedule, fill prescriptions, manage patient queues, etc. Application has been connected to SatuSehat API. This connection enables secure information exchange between the app and the national health data platform overseen by the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

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